Cybersecurity and Terrorism

December 21, 2022 0 Comments


When I worked at Forrester in the cybersecurity practice there, I proposed that cyber attacks were closely associated with terrorism. Cyber attacks funded many terroristic activities. Anyone who lived through the Merck ransomware attack of 2017 knows the devastation and pain these types of events cause. Recently the data center provider Rackspace was the victim of a Ransomware attack that disabled the company’s managed exchange service. While not of the scale or impact of the Merck attack, it was a reminder that ransomware is still a threat to data integrity and availability. When information is exfiltrated in association with the attack, it opens the victim companies to legal exposure, brand, and possible reputation damage.

Cyberattacks and Terrorism

There is a strong linkage between the Russian government and organized crime groups operating in and outside Russia. The Merck attack, for example, was launched by Russia to cripple the Ukrainian government’s ability to collect tax revenue and limit the country’s ability to prosecute the current war.

More broadly, with its indiscriminate missile attacks against civilian targets, the current war shows the lengths the Russian government will go to in this conflict.  What doesn’t make the press is the number of cyber attacks launched at not only Ukrainian targets but also western countries supporting Ukraine in the war?

Implications for Business

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will review the implications these activities will have for businesses of all sizes.

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