Ed Ferrara

436 Research

Experienced CISO who sets cybersecurity strategy to align with enterprise vision.  A natural builder who develops action plans to address gaps and strengthen technology defenses.  Designs the security framework and infrastructure in regulated, global environments.  Astute leader through emergency response situations.  Skilled in digital forensics, data recovery, and threat detection.  Industry experience includes bio-pharmaceuticals, financial services, healthcare, and chemicals.  Committed to process improvement, innovation, and value creation, Focuses on customer service, collaboration, and creative thinking.  Devoted to the development of next-generation technology talent through coaching and classroom teaching.

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My research and technology interests stem from his work at Forrester Research (Cybersecurity) and IDC (Data Centers). Cyber is the next theater of warfare, industrial espionage, and terrorism. I focus on the intersection of:

    • Compliance
    • Cyber Terrorism
    • Data Center Security (Logical and physical)
    • Data Security
    • Digital Forensics
    • Insider Threat
    • National Defense
    • Privacy



West Chester, PA USA 19380
+1 (610) 213-5100

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